Web Design

Web Design to help you look like the professional you are.

We produce modern and elegant web design that gets you noticed and internet marketing solutions that gets you the visitors you are looking for. Our web services deliver a powerful on-line presence. Mitchell Marketing is committed to delivering your solution without breaking the bank.

Included Features

 Easy Site Navigation
Quick loading pages to maintain low bandwidth includes optimized graphics to  the  lowest possible file size while maintaining a high quality appearance.

 Contact Form
Included at no charge.

Included at no charge and very important for Search Engine Optimization.

 Stock Photography
Basic cropping and resizing included. Number of images included is based on the size of the site build. Advanced edits are billed at our hourly rate and will be discussed in advance.

 Consistent Branding
Colors, graphics, layout, typeface and other elements will be consistent with your overall brand, header, and footer.

 One Hour Design Consultation
To discuss all of the above and how it applies to you.

Additional Features

  Additional Web Pages

After your site has been launched,  you may want to add additional web pages. Don't make the mistake of just throwing something up and expecting conversions. Just like your initial site build, each page you add needs to be SEO ready. We provide SEO ready pages at a 25% discount for existing SEO clients. We make sure that the page complies with the overall SEO efforts of the rest of your site and is optimized for best results. Very often, this means breaking up ideas into different pages or writing new content. Don't worry - we explain why and how as a part of our service.

Typing of Text, Content Creation, Images or Photo Alteration, Audio/Video integration, Pop-up's and similar services may be offered at a discounted rate of $60 per hour (billed in 1/2 hour increments) to clients on a monthly maintenance plan or when initially constructing your site. Standard rates begin at $75 per hour, billed in 1/2 hour increments and are quoted per project in advance. Repeated consultations past the initial one hour consultation, $75 per hour billed in half hour increments.

Web Based Custom Forms, Opt-in List, Custom Landing Pages, eCommerce, Flash Animation, Blog Integration and other maintenance requirements are also quoted in advance on a per project basis. See our Terms of Service for full details.

Do-it-Yourself Options

For clients who wish to add your own content or would like to make their own updates after the site has been built, that's why we use WordPress.

With the increased functionality and sheer awesome aesthetics designers are providing to the open source platform, Mitchell Marketing regularly saves our clients thousands of dollars by offering any of the ready-to-go premium templates built by StudioPress. The Genesis Framework, gives you a rock solid site foundation. In addition, you are not on your own if you don't want to be. We can also make updates and take over maintenance for you. The choice is yours. Call us to discuss your project today.




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  • Want to Do It Yourself?

    Many of our clients come to us wanting to maintain their own site. No problem. From Award Winning Software to Open Source options...

    We've got you covered.

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  • What About Hosting?

    It is our feeling that you, the client, should be able to control all aspects of your website at any given time. It is for that reason we do not directly offer hosting services (though we could make good money doing it). Instead, we are pleased to highly recommend Site 5 for their fantastic customer service, great prices, and simple set-up for any WordPress site we offer.


    "I already have new clients that found me on the web. I would most definitely recommend Mitchell Marketing to anyone and have already done so."

    Melissa Ford, Melissa's Bookkeeping Service