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What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of modifying or "optimizing" a website in order to gain more visibility on the internet through search engines such as Google. This usually means gaining higher rankings and increased revenue.

 SEO Mission

We make quality SEO services affordable to small business owners. The neat thing about our SEO service is that it is indeed real. This is also the point we are most proud of. What do we mean? Let us explain. Most times the more affordable options that small businesses are left with in regard to SEO are ineffective at best. Either the services are misleading or they are downright scams.

Our mission is therefore to provide cost effective SEO solutions for increased web traffic that results in higher revenue.

  SEO Services
There are no scams here. You will find no "SEO for $49.99 a month" special here. We do not participate in link buying or other ineffective practices to put a few bucks in our pocket at your expense. We have no secrets that we can not tell. We only use proven "white hat" techniques to achieve your results. In other words, we are real SEO experts offering real SEO service.

We offer this SEO service three ways: Essential SEO, Local or Monthly Service Plans and Custom SEO for more aggressive campaigns. Once your site has been properly optimized and you have gained higher rankings, you may want to continue your on-line promotion with our other internet marketing services, such as PPC Management, link building, or social media marketing. Below is a brief summary of each of our services. Visit the service page from the menu to the top right for more information.

One-Time SEO Site Audit

Launch your site right with One-Time SEO Site Audit. Considered the minimum SEO requirement for your site, this service gives your site the critical foundation it needs via a one-time set-up plan of your choice to enhance your website's on-line potential. Dending upon the Essential SEO Site Audit service you chooose, this can go far beyound a firm foundation for your sites rankings with Google and the like. Essential SEO is most often used by clients on a minimum SEO budget needing maximum results. Many Essential SEO clients will later have Mitchell Marketing create and implement a custom internet marketing strategy for your site's goals via our Local or Monthly SEO Services.



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