About Us


The History of "Best In Class" Services

Mitchell Marketing is the realization of founder April Mitchell to bring together best in class service providers and customer service for the business community. With over 14 years experience in sales and graphic design, Mitchell opened her doors in 2008 with a passion to do one thing: make business owners look like the professionals they are. This passion is why her graphic design services quickly evolved into a full service print brokerage and SEO firm. Today, Mitchell Marketing has since developed new avenues to create and facilitate effective visual display products ranging from award and recognition to festival event products. We are happy to have located and identified premier  "best in class" experts and vendors for each of our services - which have now been brought together for our clients in the form of Mitchell Marketing.

  Your Project Is Our Focus

Though we offer a wide range of products and services, what continues to make us different from our competition is our loyalty to a personal approach. While other firms force you off to a production line with customer service based on what seems to be a script at times, we choose to take a more personal approach. For example, if you contact us wanting a particular print job, and well, it's obvious the design needs some help, we may feel inclined to offer suggestions on how to improve upon the design before it goes to print. Now how many print shops will do that for free? Exactly.

We feel this personal approach to business is what makes Mitchell Marketing often seem like you're working with a project manager or your own in-house marketing department rather than just another company. This concept of partnership is pretty much how we got our start and why we feel we are successful. Which, by the way, is also why we are selective with the relationships we take on. We want you to know that we aren’t trying to sell you inadequate products or services  just to put a few dollars in our pocket. We are just as interested in creating long-term relationships with quality partners as we believe you are

 Our Pledge To You 

We pledge to you that you will be pleased with the results of your service. If not, we will work to make it right as the situation demands. We pledge to never sell you a lesser quality product or service just to make a buck. Our reputation is too important. We do, however also pledge that we will take every opportunity to offer advice and make suggestions for the purpose of providing a more excellent product or result whenever possible. We feel we are remiss if we don't - after all, effective communication (regardless of the venue) is what we are all about. We guarantee your project will not be outsourced over-seas and that you will always be able to speak English with our representatives.




 Contact Us

Toll-Free: 888.406.8131



"I was surprised at just how easy it was for Mitchell Marketing to identify my needs and point me in the right direction for building and promoting my website. I asked a thousand questions - from marketing to content and vocabulary to photos and videos - they were very responsive. I did exactly what I was told and did not have to wait long for my first client. I strongly recommend Mitchell Marketing."

Steve Ford, Sunset Sails

"All I can say is THANKS! You came up with the perfect slogan for us and did a great job on the logo."

Mark Hester, Integrity Painting